Our last trip of the semester. 

Milan was a great way to end the semester. The city was amazing and we met some really cool people throughout the weekend. On Sunday I attended an AC Milan soccer game… absolutely nuts. Let’s just say if you sit in the fan section, which Cole and I decided to do, you better know every chant and be willing to yell said chants all game. Literally the whole game. They call the section we sat in “Curva Sud”, which means south curve (where the section is located). There you can find your most passionate and diehard AC Milan fans. I’ve never experienced a sporting event with such energy and love for not only a team, but a sport in general. Milan, you treated me well. 


For 6 days Cole and I traveled throughout Spain. We flew into Barcelona and stayed there for 2 days, then took a bus to Valencia and stayed there two days, and finished our trip off with two days in Madrid. 

Barcelona was an awesome city. People are out at all hours of the night and the Spanish culture in general is very easy to get along with (and the fact that I can actually read words in a language I’m somewhat familiar with). After some fun in Barcelona we went to Valencia. The weather was absolutely perfect and a good pick me up after this cold weather in Prague. I met some awesome guys there as well; Jonny (pronounced yon-nee), Adam, Michael, and Cameron. Jonny and Adam are from Sweden but live in Valencia and run pub crawls and walking tours along with Cameron who is from Scotland. Michael is from England and had moved to Valencia after his service in the British Army. They were very welcoming guys and a lot of fun to be around. After two days there we finished our trip in Madrid. There we had some rainy weather but we made the best of it and went to a massive art museum for most the day. There we also met Mike from New York. Just a 28 year old in an 18 year olds body who’s a business man that really loves to travel. I think Cole and I brought some nostalgic feelings for him from the “good ‘ol college days” because he really liked hanging out with us, as did us with him. After a long week we made our way back to Prague and are here for the weekend. The semester is coming to and end which sucks, but I’m also excited to see my family. Miluji tě matr, otec, a Rosalyn.

One last trip, Milan.


The most taboo city in the world. 

With legalized drugs, prostitution, and gay marriage very prominent, Amsterdam is one of the most liberal cities in Europe. The weather was a little rough, but when the sun did come out, you were opened up to a beautiful city. I was most surprised by the amount of people that rode bikes. They had legitmate bike lane with lights and intersections. Over 800,000 people have bikes and roughly 64% of them ride them on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoyed Amsterdam and would love to travel to the Netherlands again. 

Auschwitz/ Birkenau 

“Work will set you free.”

Putting my emotions and feelings into words when visiting both of these camps is impossible. The number of innocent deaths that occurred within these fences haunts the grounds as you walk through. There is a feeling of emptiness. The air is still and your body feels numb. Over 5 million Jews, poles, homosexuals, and gypsys were killed in about 5 years. 

Absolutely unreal. 


Such a beautiful city built on the Danube River. A massive castle, cathredals, and the Chain bridge were all a common sights while walking around the city. Along side of me was my mother who is very new to the whole “European” thing. She’s been a blast to be around.

Saturday night I got extremely sick and was puking all night so I wasn’t able to go out or experience much of the night life in Budapest which I was bummed about. Thankfully, I felt much better Sunday morning, got to see a few places, then hopped on a train back to Prague. 

5/5 would highly recommend. 


Rome is the most beautiful and magnificent city I have ever been to. Almost every corner you turn you can expect there to be a new breathtaking view whether it be the large public buildings, the intricate and detailed statues, or the ancient churches and basilicas.  I have never been in so much awe seeing the world famous landmarks in person. The history behind the Roman Empire truly makes it the greatest society to ever exist. I would love to, and plan to, go back some day (and possibly meet my wife there as well).